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Why your website needs a link from this web page directory!

Date Added: April 27, 2009 08:04:42 PM
Author: Admin
Creating a website represents a significant commitment of time and resources. It is not uncommon for a web page to cost thousands of dollars in accumulated costs and represent hundreds of hours of  your  time in content writing and layout design.
If the costs are high, so too are the rewards. Dominant web sites can feed you traffic and client leads 24 hours a day 365 days a year and they don’t ask for a raise. 

An effective websites can be the most efficient assets your company owns to market and service your clients for your life time and beyond.
But what if you have the greatest website in the world and nobody came to it?  - The website would be worthless! 

In addition, there over 3 billion websites on the internet (and growing) so staying still is not an option.  Competition grows daily and they want your traffic and your customers.
The cost of pay per click for many keywords has become astronomical.  It is not uncommon for some keywords to cost $.50 $2 per click or more.   Getting just 200 “curiosity seekers click through’s” a month (a low number) could cost thousands of dollars a year.
The Solution: Organic (free) Search Traffic
It is widely understood by search engine optimization experts that 75% to 80% of organic  (non paid) search engine results are a function of “off the web site” activities. These activities are in essence, link building strategies. 

Search engine believe that links are indicative of a web sites popularity and relative value in the collective (internet) ballot box.  Google and other search engines rank web sites according to the number of inbound links (votes) they receive for other web sites and blogs.
But just links are not enough, for links to be truly valuable they should be RELEVANT to the subject matter for which the search is conducted. Having a link that pertains to your market such as "Tampa Bay" may be 10 to 20 more valuable than a less "relevant" link.

Our focus is on providing Tampa Bay Businesses with anchor text links that meet the characteristics that search engines love!

The cost of additional links is modest in both expense and time commitment. Creating a link to your site takes less than 5 minutes and requires no web programming expertise. 

Early Tampa Bay linking clients get the best rates and have the greatest potential for their link values to appreciate with the growth of our sites and links over time.

To acquire additional links:

10 links: $60 or $6 each
25 links: $125 or $5 each
50 links: $225 or $4.50 each

Above 50 links $4 each


Brian French
Owner, Linked by Tampa Bay
813 944-3190
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